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Who operates LambdaParis.com?

LambdaParis.com is operated by Sipartech, the reference dark fibre operator in the Paris area. All the fibres used to provide the services come therefore from Sipartech's own backbone.

What kind of optical transceiver should I use?

In order to use the passive wavelength services offered, you need to use a DWDM optical transceiver with a range of 80km (optical budget of 23 or 24 dB) which channel will be provided upon sign-up.

If you would like to use one specific channel, you can notify us using the comments section during the ordering process. If this channel is available, it will be given to you.

How are the services secured?

The secured wavelengths use optical fibres with different path along with differentiated building entries into the datacenters.

What is the contract term?

Services offered on LambdaParis.com are proposed with a 12 months term. After 12 months, you can freely terminate any service with a 3 months notice.

What are the payment terms?

Services offered on LambdaParis.com are payable only with SEPA direct debit from your bank account in order to simplify the process and provide you with the best pricing.